Why graduates are embracing video interviewing

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Why graduates are embracing video interviewing

Video interviewing is a great method of recruitment for all kinds of candidates – but there’s one demographic that we believe are embracing the benefits of video interviewing more than any other, and that’s graduates.

A highly competitive but talented market, graduates that are fresh out of university are an asset to your company, keen to impress, and are on the hunt to find a role than leaves them inspired and fulfilled.

Integrating video interviewing into your recruitment strategy is a fantastic way of working with graduates, and here’s just a few reasons why:

It fits into their lifestyle

Someone who is about to, or has just graduated, is probably feeling pretty busy. What with dissertation hand-ins and, most likely, a part time job or work experience to attend, their schedule could be irregular, and they may find it hard to fit in multiple interviews in their job hunt.

Video interviewing takes away all of this pressure – graduates are able to complete their recording where and when it suits them. They’re also likely to be applying for lots of jobs at once after they leave university, and having the flexibility to conduct a video interview gives them the ability to do that without needing to take days of work or university to fit in a face-to-face meeting.



It works with mobile technology

When you use online video interview software like Shine, accessing it couldn’t be easier – for you and the candidates. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet, and you’re good to go.

This plays right into the kind of technology that graduates are (most likely) comfortable with, especially the fact that they can apply for their dream role straight from their iPhone.

It gives insight into your company

Candidates using Shine video interview software gain insight into your company in a few different ways, and for graduates that are new to the job market, this is extremely helpful.

One way of communicating with the graduates that are recording an interview for you is by through your own employer branded video, which you can add directly into the software for them to see before they start recording.

Not only is video an extremely popular and engaging medium for you to use to introduce the graduates to who you are and what you do, but it’s a chance for you to appeal directly to them and what they’re looking for from their first graduate job. Also, the very fact that you’re using video interview technology in your recruitment process shows to graduates that your company is innovative, forward thinking, and open to modern uses of technology in your business.

It helps them perform better

As this is probably one of the first times that they’ve been through the interview process for a graduate job, it’s pretty likely that graduate candidates will be feeling nervous about meeting you face-to-face – this could end up affecting how well they do in the interview, and this could cause you to miss out on a really talented candidate.

Video interviewing puts graduates at ease. They get to see the questions beforehand (if you choose to let them), conduct plenty of research into the company and formulate their answers in advance of hitting record, as well as having the opportunity to watch themselves back and repeat the recording if they feel they can do better.

Graduates are an exciting market of talent to tap in to, and using video interviewing is a way of making sure they hit it off with your brand from the start.

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