Video Strategies for Recruitment Agencies

Marketing has become one of the cornerstones of success for many agencies, especially when it comes to video. This guide tells all on the different ways that you can use video in your recruitment agency, without a massive budget!


Video Interviewing for Recruitment Agencies

As the recruitment agency continues to reach record highs, competition is fiercer than ever. It’s important to differentiate yourself in a saturated market, and our latest guide tells all on leveraging video to do exactly that.


Buyers Guide to Video Interviewing Software

Video Interviewing is certainly here to stay. But with so many options and features out there, do we know what we should be looking for when choosing a video interviewing partner? This guide will get you started!


Hiring for Values Fit

Here at Shine, we’ve developed a values-based recruitment platform that allows you to measure the level of values fit between your candidates and your team. Our latest guide gives you everything you need to know about hiring for values fit, and the Shine platform – you won’t want to miss it!


Your Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Technology

Technology continues to make processes faster and more efficient than ever., so we’ve outlined six of the most used recruitment software available and how each one can solve a different pain point in your process.



Shine is designed to easily integrate with literally hundreds of other applications out of the box – all you need is an API key from us.


Video Interviewing vs Skype

Using an online 2-way process, such as Skype, for interview comes with its own set of challenges. Non-scheduled video interview overcomes each and every one, making the process of video screening much more productive.


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