Why do sales professionals make good recruiters?

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Why do sales professionals make good recruiters?

Recruiting is about matching candidates to jobs; whether its landing candidates their dream jobs or finding ‘unfindable’ talent for employers. All recruiters find themselves in the game of sales – whether they like it or not!

Sales and recruitment are about human interactions

The sales element to recruitment is all about human –  whether that’s dealing with candidates, clients, colleagues or all of the above - quite often at the same time. Successful recruiters need to identify their clients’ requirements, generate strong leads, manage the relationship and, most importantly, close.

Confidence and motivation are key

Undeniably, there are two key attributes required when it comes to being a successful sales person: confidence and motivation. Equally, these two traits translate to the role of a recruitment consultant. Regardless of whether you are selling a product (sales) or a person (recruitment), the skills required to do either successfully are almost identical.



Building relationships

Both roles are targeted by the employer and carry a great deal of responsibility. This is why it is so important for staff within these roles to demonstrate tenacity, enthusiasm, good listening and strong negotiation skills. It’s also just as important for these staff to have the ability to build and foster strong working relationships with clients, naturally, leading to repeat business, account growth and referrals/recommendations.

Moving from sales to recruitment

Moving from a sales role to one of recruitment seems like a natural and logical step for many people. Not only do they have the necessary and desirable skill set; but there is also the attractive benefits packages, career progression in a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to increase earnings quickly. Recruitment consultants are constantly in high demand; they will always be needed to provide expert career advice and match the right people to jobs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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