Recruitment Agencies – How Video Interviewing Puts You Above the Competition

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment Agencies – How Video Interviewing Puts You Above the Competition

As a recruitment agency, you’re always looking for ways to help your candidates to get the nod over the competition for the roles they’re put forward for.

Unfortunately, not all of them will always be as good a fit for your client as they had seemed on paper – largely because face-to-face and telephone interviews aren’t the most effective ways to vet candidates for them.

This is where video interviewing steps in. It can help you to deliver a better quality of service to your clients and help them to find quality applicants that they can take on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Vetting candidates for your clients

Video interviewing avoids those awkward situations in which a candidate who looked great on paper turns out to be all wrong for your client in reality.

This is because you can vet candidates before you put them forward, which puts you a big step ahead of rival recruitment agencies who don’t do this.

You’ll look much more impressive in the eyes of your clients as your short lists will be full of quality candidates – with no duds or disappointments. Your clients will love you and even more importantly, they’ll trust that you only send them the best candidates.


The ability to create candidate pools

Being able to review candidate interviews whenever you want means that you can search for them and review them before forwarding for a role.

This allows you to make sure that you’re only putting forward the highest quality and most appropriate candidates, which increases the chances of them being a great fit for your client.

Video interviewing is therefore a cost effective way to save time and reduce the length of recruitment campaigns, while also ensuring that your client only receives the best candidates for their role(s).

Putting candidates across in different ways

When you put candidates forward for roles, it’s not usually going to be possible to get a full picture of who they are from just a CV and cover letter. This tends to be a one dimensional way to judge whether applicants are going to be right for a particular role and can lead to a lot of wasted time and money for your client while the shortlist is whittled down.

In contrast, video interviewing gives your clients a well rounded insight as to the skills and personality of the candidates that are put forward to them.

For candidates, it offers them an opportunity to grab the attention of the recruiter in a much bigger way. They can show the “human” side to their applications and your clients can see exactly how they would fit into both their company and the role in question even at this early stage of the recruitment process. This reduces the potential for wasted time on both sides of the equation, and saves time and money for recruitment campaigns.

Video interviewing can be a great way for recruitment agencies to get ahead of the competition and provide added value for clients. Using video interviewing helps your agency to put forward high quality candidates and short lists, which means that there is a greater chance to place applicants.

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