4 ways to grow your recruitment agency with video

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4 ways to grow your recruitment agency with video

Recruitment agencies much like every other type of business need to be scaled up. They need greater promotion, better branding, improvement of the workforce in terms of number and quality as well as enhanced delivery of services.

The internet is awash with tips on how to build different types of businesses. However, each industry has particular needs and a laser focus is necessary. In this post, we take a plunge into how to grow a recruitment agency with video.

How can you grow your recruitment agency with videos?

Let’s unwrap the different ways you can grow your recruitment agency business using video.

Video for branding and marketing

One of the surest ways to grow your recruitment agency with video is to use videos for branding and marketing. 96% of marketers say that video marketing yields an average to high ROI for brands that implement it. Beyond that, studies have revealed that consumers expect to see video content from brands.

This expectation doesn’t only exist for B2C companies; B2B brands such as your recruitment agency also deal with them. This makes it imperative for you to employ online video marketing as one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing when building your recruitment agency.

Some advantages of using online video marketing to expand your recruitment agency are

  • Improved brand image and reputation
  • Videos help improve your recruitment agency’s SEO by increasing organic traffic by 150%, thus, boosting the reach of the agency’s marketing.
  • Better brand recognition and differentiation
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • A boost in advertising effectiveness
  • Better viewer engagement, capturing of consumer interest and conversion. Placing videos on landing pages boosts conversion by 86% more than a text-only landing page.

Some noteworthy hints on how to effectively grow your recruitment agency with video marketing include

  • Publishing video content on your recruitment agency’s website
  • Sharing videos on social media. Don’t focus only on Facebook and Instagram; LinkedIn is a goldmine for brands with recruitment concerns while TikTok boasts an incredible 18% reach and engagement.
  • Uploading video content on different hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Adding video content to your newsletters for your email subscribers to watch

Online video marketing is an excellent way to scale your recruitment agency using video.


Video for sales

According to the Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) by Bullhorn, 14% of recruitment agencies find increased competition to be one of the significant challenges in 2022 while 15% of them find reductions in requisitions from clients to be a concern. The same study reveals that for 21% of recruitment agencies, winning clients is a huge priority this year.

Competition is stiff in the recruitment industry and your agency needs a trusted way to navigate it. To grow your recruitment agency even in the face of the sweepstakes, you need to distinctively get your target audience’s attention.

Using video for sales to the rescue!

Making video a core element in sales promotion - popularly termed video prospecting - engages your prospect regardless of how you connect with them or the stage of connection. Whether you connect with them via social media, sales engagement platforms or email; whether it’s a cold outreach or a follow-up, video prospecting is a lot better than mere cold pitching.

You should use video in your sales outreach because videos pass information easily. After all, according to Wyzowl, 73% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through short videos. Videos also fill the sales promotion process with emotions and life - a sure way to build connections with your prospects. Additionally, they help improve the memorableness of the video as prospects can associate a face with it.

Video increases open rates in email

The fact that video prospecting boosts open rates and replies by a combined 42% and generates four times higher clickthrough rates is another monumental reality. If you really care to build your recruitment agency with video prospecting, leverage the following tips:

  • Work with data and personalise the videos
  • Stay natural, authentic and empathetic
  • Make the videos short
  • Close each video with a call to action that directs the prospects on what next to do


Your clients rely on you for their talent sourcing, recruitment and interviewing concerns.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. 

As a brand, your recruitment agency has the same needs as well!

Your business can’t function without a workforce. To build a competent team, you need to source the right talent and bring them on board. Building your workforce is an aspect of growing your recruitment agency.

You can turbocharge your recruitment ambitions using recruitment videos.

Benefits of using videos in your recruitment process

  1. As we’ve already touched on, videos are good for SEO. So, by adding recruitment videos to your brand’s website, you can boost your search engine rankings while you announce the employment opportunities at your recruitment agency. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
  2. Job postings with videos get higher views and application rates than postings without videos.
  3. Incorporating videos into your recruitment process boosts the candidate experience and improves your brand image

Different ways to implement videos in your recruitment process

Let’s discuss the various ways to use videos to recruit new employees to your agency.

Candidate headhunting:

In the event that you spot a premium talent that’s not really looking for an employment opportunity, it wouldn’t hurt to approach them and notify them of the vacancy in your agency. A good way to create a positive impression is to send a personalised video, detailing the benefits of them working for your company.

Role adverts:

To further expand your recruitment agency’s workforce, you need to put the word out there about the current vacancies. Using videos to advertise the various roles will help add colour to the process and make it more inviting to candidates.

Candidate interviewing and screening:

One-way video interviews allow candidates to record and submit the best versions of themselves answering questions to test their capacity. Two-way video interviews are also perfect for natural flowing conversations between you and your candidates. The Shine video interviewing software will help you ace your candidate interviewing needs.


Using videos for onboarding makes for an excellent welcoming experience for the new employee. It’s a good way to show them how things are done in the company, who’s who in your agency and even give them directions on how to use certain software.

Quite frankly, employing videos in these different ways will give your recruitment agency an edge over others in the scramble for competent employees. The proper use of recruitment videos will make the candidates feel valued, build a personal relationship and deter them from your competitors’ offers.

Service to clients

Another way to grow your recruitment agency is by rendering services to your clients using videos. A recruitment agency’s business is to work directly with companies to help them fill their roles by matching candidates to job vacancies.

Just as you would use recruitment videos and other video forms to meet your recruitment needs, do the same for your clients. Creating video role adverts, video presentations and onboarding videos as well as conducting video interviews will upscale your services to clients. Similarly, it will boost your revenue.

What’s a better way to grow your recruitment agency than upping the company’s income?

Summarily, as much as recruitment agencies help other companies grow, it must be recognised that they too are businesses that need expansion. You know what they say. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Read our guide for deeper insight into how to create recruitment videos.

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