Why video interviewing is low risk, high return

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Why video interviewing is low risk, high return

It’s no secret that video interviewing is on the rise.

But, integrating it into your recruitment process can sometimes seem like a big shake up to something which is already costly and time consuming for HR teams, and an added investment of new software can mean that video interviewing is perceived as a risky option.

We disagree – we know that implementing video interviewing in your business can change your recruitment process for the better, creating very little risk, and, even better, Shine Interview offers a subscription service with little or no upfront costs, offering you a swift and uncomplicated return on investment.

Here’s just some reasons why video interviewing is a low risk, high return recruitment strategy:



It’s cost effective

Video interviewing saves you money in that it makes the whole recruitment process more efficient, and your hiring team more productive – that means less wasted hours, and more quality hires.

Also, because video interview software allows you to see more candidates in the early stages and you don’t need to coordinate telephone or face to face meetings, you get to see a wider range of talent and (hopefully!) therefore make a more successful hire in the long term. It’s thought that replacing a hire can end up costing up to 4 times more than their original annual salary – so, by using video interviewing to strengthen your recruitment process overall, you’re actually reducing that risk.

According to this article, a report by the Aberdeen Group found that 72% of managers surveyed said that the reduction they’d found in travel costs was a key reason for using video interviews. It goes without saying that by being able to record their interview in their own home, you don’t need to reimburse candidates for coming to your offices, and you also don’t need to pay for your own team’s travel costs either that are incurred from large volumes of face to face interviews.

It reduces workload, and eases pressure

During an intense period of recruitment, your hiring team will undoubtedly start to feel the pressure, leading to potential errors and burn out – with video interview software, the whole recruitment process can be made so much more efficient and streamlined, that their workload and pressure is reduced dramatically.

When candidates submit their video using online video interview software like Shine, your hiring team can easily compare, rank and shortlist them, and the workload can be shared easily between team members thanks to how easy our system is to access.

And, having their own time to sift through candidates, rather than having to take everything in over one gruelling week of face to face interviews, means recruiters can evaluate applicants more thoroughly and calmly, facing much less time pressure –again, leading to more quality hires.

It future proofs your recruitment strategy

Video interviewing is the recruitment process of the future, and by implementing it now, you are not only getting ahead in the game, but are setting up your business for long term success and cost savings.

As technology continues to develop, it will inevitably become a deeper part of all business operations, including hiring, and online video interview software is a great way to introduce that.

Video interviewing also allows you to recruit on a bigger, more international scale, meaning that as your company grows and you look further afield for talent, your recruitment strategy will be already set up to achieve that.


To find out more about video interview software and the kinds of benefits it can have for your company, get in touch with us here at Shine today. Call 0191 500 7875, or email us at hello@shineinterview.com.

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