Candidates are customers too

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Candidates are customers too

When debating whether to invest in online video interview software, and start integrating videos into their recruitment process, companies unsurprisingly tend to think about the ways it can benefit them as a business – how can it save money, and time? How can it improve our recruitment strategy?

But it’s so important to remember that recruitment is a two-way street, between you and the candidates – more than that, the very process of trying to find a new hire is exposing a number of talented people to your business and how it works.

These days, candidates choose their company as much as the company chooses them, and it’s vital that you see your recruitment process as a way to give applicants the best experience possible – and to treat your candidates just like you would treat a customer.

The use of video interview software is a great opportunity to communicate and engage with candidates, and can be used as a tool to sell your company as something that top talent wants to be part of.



Making interviews more accessible

A big way that video interview software benefits candidates, and puts them at ease, is how accessible and flexible the whole process is for them.

They’re able to record their video interview in their own time, in their own surroundings, using simple technology that just about everyone is able to access. And, it means they can work it around their work schedule, maintaining discretion from their current employer whilst looking for a new role if needed.

The use of video software puts the candidate back in control of their own interview, something which they’ll rarely feel when meeting face to face. This means they can present the best version of themselves, and have a more positive experience overall.


Candidate engagement and employer branding

Remembering to treat your candidate like a customer also means making the employer brand that you reveal to them the best it can be. The recruitment process, especially when using video software like Shine, gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company as an exciting place to work for potential top talent.

Just like a customer needs to want to buy from you, a quality candidate needs to want to work for you – online interview software like ours lets you add your own employer branded video for candidates to see when they apply, helping you inform them about the company and appear more attractive to your next great hire.


An equal process

Video interviewing puts all your applicants on a level playing field – they all get the same chance to answer the same questions in an environment they’re comfortable in, meaning their performance can’t be hindered (and their talent disguised) by potential nerves or personal circumstances. This greatly appeals to candidates, and makes the whole job application process seem less daunting.

Another way that video interview software provides equality amongst your candidates is in regards to discrimination, because it’s a much more robust an auditable way to monitor and combat it. The questions are delivered to all candidates in the same way, without any personal prejudices from recruiters, and everything is recorded, meaning you can come to a more impartial decision on whether to hire someone based on the evidence of their application, and not just your memory of meeting them.


Treating candidates like you would a customer means you leave an altogether more positive impact on that individual, and that’s invaluable, whether they end up working for you, or even buying from you.

Video interviewing reaps rewards for companies and candidates alike. To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing today.

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