Signs Your Recruitment Process Needs Video Interviewing

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Signs Your Recruitment Process Needs Video Interviewing

There are a number of reasons to implement video interviewing into the recruitment process. But there are a few situations where it can come in even more useful than it does with day-to-day recruiting. If you have any of the following plans or see any of the following struggles, it’s a sign that now is right time for you to use video interviewing:

  1. Plans for growth:

If you’re organisation plans on growing in a relatively short period of time, or if you have a new office or location opening, video interviewing is ideal for high volume recruitment.

In periods of growth we know how hard it can be to find the time to get everything done! With video interviewing, you can see time savings up to 70% in your hiring process. By adopting a more efficient and effective screening process, only the top candidates will make it to the interview stage.

  1. You spend a lot of time on early stage screening:

If telephone interviews make up a large section of your screening process, you could screen 10 video interviews in the time it takes to complete 1 telephone screen.

It’s often the case that telephone interviews don’t always work successfully as a screening tool, too. When having to send over notes from a telephone interview along with a CV to your hiring teams, only the person who conducted the interview will have a better understanding of the candidate.

It can be difficult to judge a person on their CV – sometimes the paper doesn’t always match the person. Video allows you to take out this guess work. Especially in a world where soft skills are becoming increasingly important, and this can never be interpreted from a CV.


  1. Your teams lack collaboration:

If you struggle to get recruiting teams and hiring managers to collaborate efficiently and effectively, you can improve this with the sharing and rating functionalities of video interviewing.

It’s an extremely simple process to forward completed interviews around hiring teams, so you get valuable input from everyone during the early stage screening process. In the Shine platform, reviewers can’t see the ratings left by others, and this is then collated into an average for each candidate to see who is most suited to the competencies required for the role.

  1. You spend a lot of time in unsuccessful first round interviews:

Video screening provides a much better gauge for a candidate’s suitability for a role, meaning less time spent in unsuitable interviews. Especially with the sharing capabilities that we’ve just mentioned, you know that each member of the hiring team is happy with the candidates who are invited for face-to-face interview. No more surprises!

  1. Your central recruitment team must travel a lot:

Video interviewing can reduce the need for recruiters to travel as much for unsuitable interviews – allowing you to ensure they’re travelling to meet the best. Or, if you’re an organisation that pays for candidates to travel to you, the same applies with ensuring no unnecessary travel costs are incurred!

This problem only heightens when you’re looking for talent that’s very specialised, and video interviewing can help you to prospect beyond local candidates to help you find that niche skill set while saving on travel costs.

  1. You struggle to find the right talent for your roles:

Like we said, the CV doesn’t always match the person – so how do we know that we’re not screening out the most suitable candidates from their CV? Video allows you to review more applicants in detail and find those hidden gems. Because of the reduced time-to-hire that comes with using video interviewing for screening, you’re probably less likely to lose out on talent to your competition.

In a candidate driven market, it’s important to create an open and engaging process for your candidates so you can stand out as an employer of choice. Competition for talent means that we need to create shorter processes with increased communication, and video interviewing can offer you each of these things!

From reduced time-to-hire, to cost savings and improved employer branding, using innovative video interviewing platforms such as Shine can streamline your recruitment process and get you ahead of the competition.

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