The 12 Recruitment Tips of Christmas

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The 12 Recruitment Tips of Christmas

Getting in the festive Spirit here at Shine, we’ve decided to give you the best 12 recruitment tips to help you out over the Christmas period and give you goals to work towards for the new year. We also reached out to a couple of recruiters in our network who have kindly shared some of their best insights. We'll be posting a new tip daily - remember to check back tomorrow for the next top tip! So, before we all get too caught up in the festivities, here are the things you should be paying attention to...

12. Reducing time to fill

Be strategic when trying to reduce your time-to-fill. Implement processes or technology that help you find the best candidates faster, rather than settling for an unsuitable applicant to get the role filled.

11. Sam Wall – SEAO Talent Partners:

Graduates start looking for roles in September/October ready for the next years graduation. You need to engage with them much earlier to identify quality candidates.”

10. Measuring success

The success of your recruitment campaign should be determined by how many ‘ideal’ candidates you attract – not by the total number of applications!

9. Pete Marshall – Shine Interview:

“Be totally transparent with candidates in relation to what’s involved in your recruitment process. There are numerous recruitment and selection methods that you may ask a candidate to go through, so it’s important that you give applicants a chance to research your process, so they can fully understand what the different stages are. If you’re using novel, technology-based methods, go into some detail about what’s involved – Shine client Nissan do a really good job of explaining what’s involved in applying for their graduate roles."

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8. Be accessible by mobile

Embrace the mobile experience in your application process – candidates may be slow to apply from their phone, but 88% of UK candidates search for and save jobs via their phone.

7. Michael Moore – Northumbrian Water:

“Try timing your job advert to be posted on Christmas Day, you’ll be amazed how many people apply whilst watching the Christmas TV.”

6. Look beyond experience

Don’t limit your search to candidates with similar work histories. Use scenario-based questions to determine whether they can do what’s needed – just because they haven’t done this exact role before, doesn’t mean they won’t be good at it.

5. Sam Wall - SEAO Talent Partners:

“Use your employment engagement survey to identify the positives of working in your business and used these to recruit your new team members.”

4. Be Honest

Be completely honest to your candidates. If there are things about the role that won’t be great, like unsocial working hours, it’s better for the candidate and the employer to be in the know – they’ll probably appreciate your honesty.

3. Georgina Scott – Sky Betting and Gaming:

“In order to make the most of employee referrals it’s helpful to arrange sourcing workshops for new employees. Sourcing workshops bring new employees and recruiters together to search through their social media channels for potential RAF’s.”

2.  Harness the power of social recruiting

80% of employers say that social recruiting helps them to find passive candidates. Most potential hires aren’t actively searching, so use social media to reach them.

1. Sam Wall – SEAO Talent Partners:

“Most millennials are looking for a recruitment process that fits with their digital lives. Traditional attraction and selection may not be the most effective for these candidates.

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