Building up to festive recruitment

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Building up to festive recruitment

Christmas Recruitment – Why Companies Should Be Implementing Video Interviewing Now to Manage Festive Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting temporary staff for the festive period, you could be missing out on the opportunity to hire quality candidates if you wait too long to get started.

A survey by Fish4jobs indicated that some candidates are already looking for seasonal roles as early as July. It’s not just a way to earn some extra cash at this time of year; in many cases, the right kind of temporary gig is something that has already been a key focus for a while.

Video interviewing gives your company the ideal platform to tap into this and find candidates that are a great fit with your culture. This is important even in seasonal recruitment, as applicants that are already known to be a good match up could be invited to interview for permanent roles in the future.

If your company hasn’t already started their Christmas recruitment campaign, video interviewing can help to make it much simpler and less stressful to screen candidates.

Screening candidates more quickly and effectively

Video interviewing is a great way to see how candidates present themselves compared to their CV, and can help you to quickly become aware of situations in which they aren’t as perfect for a role as they had seemed on paper.

This can be a time consuming process if it’s done face-to-face or on the telephone, whereas video interviewing gives you the means to screen applicants much more efficiently. This is crucial if you need to hire a lot of staff in a relatively short space of time – which is often the case with festive recruitment!

This means that even if you don’t have a great deal of time for your festive recruitment drive, you can still be confident that you’re hiring the right kind of people for the roles that need filling.


There’s less strain on recruiters

Recruiting new staff through in person or telephone interviews can take up a lot of time if you’re only hiring for one role. With festive recruitment, this workload is multiplied due to the number of staff that are being brought on board and puts a lot of stress on those responsible for assessing and hiring them.

This is another way that video interviewing can really come into its own. Recruiters don’t have to sit in on every interview before making hiring decisions, as they would with more traditional interview formats. Candidates can simply record their interviews when they choose to, and recruiters can review them when it’s convenient too. Because it’s not necessary to spend time aligning schedules, it saves time and stress.

Streamlining your seasonal recruitment

One of the great things about video interviewing is the ability to store applications from candidates afterwards. This means that you can effectively keep it on file for future recruitment campaigns.

For festive recruitment, this means that you can come back to successful candidates at other busy times of the year and contact them. This is a lot less stressful as it means that you don’t have to start from scratch every time that you need to hire seasonal staff. Getting this kind of system in place for your Christmas recruitment can make things more streamlined in the future – both for festive hiring and other types of seasonal hiring.

With some candidates starting their job search back in the summer, now is definitely the time to look at getting your festive recruitment drive up and running. Video interviewing can play a big role in helping your company to screen more candidates ahead of the busy festive season and make your recruitment a whole lot easier.

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