How video interviewing can help with seasonal recruitment drives

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How video interviewing can help with seasonal recruitment drives

Recruitment can be challenging at the best of times, but if you work in an industry like travel and tourism, which requires seasonal hiring in bulk, it can become even more difficult to manage.

The peaks and troughs of seasonal recruitment drives can lead to periods of intense pressure and stress for recruitment teams, and hires made in this time can have a huge impact on the whole business.

Using a recruitment method like video interviewing can help relieve this pressure, and make seasonal recruitment drives much more effective, and much less time consuming.

Prevent HR burnout

There are so many ways in which implementing video interview software into your recruitment strategy can ease the strain on your HR team during a seasonal hiring drive.

One of the main ways that video interviewing can help your recruitment team manage their time more effectively is that they don’t need to try to organise face-to-face interviews in the early stages. They can simply request that the candidates complete a video interview by a certain deadline, and then send the recording to everyone who needs to see them with ease.

Also, instead of facing a huge number of hires in a short space of time, you can stagger the deadlines that candidates need to submit their video interviews by, so you can have more time to evaluate each applicant, and hire in batches rather than all in one go. This will help to spread out the training of the new recruits too.



Because candidates submit their video interviews online, recruiters can watch the videos back anywhere, any time. This puts less pressure on them, and means they can evaluate the candidates with a clear mind, instead of after an intense day of face to face meetings.

It also means the workload can be shared amongst your recruiting team so easily, without everyone having to have been present at the time of the interview.

Less trouble with telephones

We also believe that replacing telephone interviews with video ones can be extremely beneficial to seasonal recruiters, simply because it saves so much time. Instead of hitting voicemails and waiting for calls back, all on a tight deadline, recruiters can simply set a date for the video interviews to be completed, and set aside time in advance to go through them.

Find talent all year round

Every blog you read on improving your seasonal recruitment strategy will tell you to start early – but what if there wasn’t a cut off point for finding the best talent?

Whenever you’re recruiting throughout the year, especially in quieter times, if you find a candidate that’s great but you just don’t have a role for, you should keep them in a talent pool that you can use later at a busier time.

Video interview software like Shine makes this easier than ever. You can simply store candidate recordings online, and when the time comes to start making hires, sift back through them all quickly and easily to find talent that you’ve already interviewed. This saves time, and resources.

Identify skills needed, and shortlist quickly

Planning ahead is always important with seasonal recruitment drives; to make sure you don’t over hire, and that you recruit the skills the company actually needs, you need to identify exactly what you’re looking for in your seasonal recruits, and how many you need.

Once you have these things in mind, with video interview software, all you need to do is watch each recording and check whether that candidate fits the criteria. You can share this with your team, and then use the simple features of the software to whittle them down into a shortlist, helping you move to the next stage of the process quickly and easily.

To find out more about how video interview software like Shine can help you improve the efficiency of your seasonal recruitment drives, get in touch, we’d love to help. Simply email today.

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