How video interviewing future proofs your recruitment strategy

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How video interviewing future proofs your recruitment strategy

As skills gaps grow larger and the hunt for top talent becomes increasingly competitive, looking to the future of your recruitment strategy is more important than ever.

You need to invest in recruitment processes that will see your company keep up with industry and technological developments, as well as deliver results.

Incorporating online video interview software into your strategy is a way of future proofing your hires of the future, and setting your business up for long term success.

Here’s how:

It improves connections between employers and candidates

The key to doing well in the digital age is standing out, and building a real relationship with your customers, as well as potential employees.

According to an article from about the latest recruitment technology trends to watch out for, getting closer to candidates and being more transparent will become more important over the next few years. There appears to be a bigger focus today on making meaningful connections with potential candidates, and opening up a dialogue with new hires and existing teams to make the way we communicate with applicants more like how we attract new customers.

Video interview software allows you to do this – by implementing this innovative recruitment process, you put more control back in the hands of the candidates, giving them a more positive experience overall, as well as minimising any errors or prejudices that could come from extensive face-to-face or telephone interviews.



It meets the demand for mobile

The rise in flexible working and virtual teams, as well as the general increase in how attached we are to our smartphones, means that optimising your recruitment process for mobile technology is more important than ever before.

John Salt from Total Jobs is reported as saying here that “HR needs to put mobile at the heart of the [recruitment] process, and it needs to be optimised at every stage”.

Whether it is careers sites that work on smaller screens, digital application forms, or bespoke mobile apps that allow candidates to sift through roles and apply quickly, mobile technology is becoming an integral part of recruitment.

When you use an online video interview software like Shine, you future proof your recruitment strategy by meeting this need for mobile technology. With our system, candidates can upload their video at any time, on any device that they can use to connect to the internet – and it’s the same for the HR teams that are recruiting them too.

This move towards mobile tech means your recruitment process will weave effortlessly into the habits and lifestyles of both recruiters and candidates, improving efficiency and streamlining your operations.

It uses the most engaging medium

It’s been agreed for some time now that when it comes to digital advertising and marketing, video content is the most valuable kind there is to really make an impact with your audience – and recruitment is seen as one of the industries that will be next to experience the benefits of using video.

When you’re recruiting someone, you’re doing more than selling a product (like you would to your customers); you’re selling your company culture, a new lifestyle, a potential future for that candidate. That’s a big deal, and using video is the best way to communicate these things to potential hires.

One great example is Google’s video showcasing their interns’ first week at HQ:

With video interview software like Shine, you have the opportunity to create and share your own recruitment video to all of your candidates, allowing you to use this medium of the future to share your employer brand, culture, and make your company more attractive to top talent.


Engaging with candidates, embracing mobile technology and making the most of the move to video; just some of the ways that video interviewing helps your company future proof your long term recruitment strategy.

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