Video Interviewing Vs Skype

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Video Interviewing Vs Skype

For us at Shine, there really is no contest.  In fact, both Skype and Video Interviewing offer a completely different solution.  However, in conversations with potential Video Interviewing Converts, we often hear:-


“Oh I already use Skye”

“Skype suits me”

“Not sure I really need video interviewing”


In a nutshell.  Skype really isn’t the same solution as Video Interviewing.  So much so, that we’ve dedicated an article to the differences.


Yes, there is a place for Skype. It’s a great business tool for online chatting, for group conversations with people –the screen share can be pretty cool too. However, aside from perhaps a two-way chat, we’d never recommend it as a recruiting tool.



Video Interviewing allows candidates to record and answer their questions at a time to suit them.  It allows you to pre-populate the platform with a set of planned questions and therefore provides much more thought and detail– that generally goes with a face to face interview.


Recruiters can work with higher volumes too.  By receiving candidate responses and videos to review at a time to suit the recruiter, sifting can be done a whole lot easier, as sharing short-lists with colleagues or panels becomes simply a drag and drop process through using our intuitive platform.


Executive Recruitment can also pay off huge dividends.  You can delve deeper, share senior roles/answers with your Board of Directors who, let’s face, it aren’t immediately available to ‘skype’.


Check out our article to learn more and then, when you’re ready to see the difference yourself, please get in touch to request a free trial!

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