Recruitment Agencies: Video Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment Agencies: Video Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Marketing has become one of the cornerstones of success for recruitment agencies – with those who can do it well often ending up more successful as many battle to stand out from the crowd. With video being naturally more engaging, and video consumption increasing approximately 100% year on year, it’s no surprise that video marketing is becoming the go-to for many businesses.

Recruiters who have embraced the use of video are seeing incredible success when it comes to engaging those hard to reach clients and candidates. If you haven't already, it's time to start implementing a video marketing strategy to really boost your inbound marketing efforts! If you're eager to grab the attention of potential candidates and clients, video needs to become your go-to.

When you begin planning out the specifics of your videos and what type of content it is that you want to create, think about what it is that your prospects or candidates would want to see throughout different stages of the process. There are a number of different variations of the marketing funnel out there, but as standard, the four stages you’ll always see are; awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention. Understanding the needs of your prospects at different stages in the funnel will allow you to plan out more effective videos. Below are a few examples of client focused content that you can use at different stages in the marketing funnel:

  1. Awareness

At this stage, your prospects will just be discovering your services and will probably be looking for useful information about what makes you different to your competitors. This is where you need to really shine and share any valuable information and thought leadership that you have! Use informative videos such as expert interviews with thought leaders to gain credibility, or even as simple as a ‘top tips’ video surrounding your niche area.

Of course, if you’re looking to speed up the awareness stage, you can always use prospecting videos. This allows you to send personalized video messages right to the recipients inbox to catch their attention about what you have to offer.

The ultimate goal here is to allow your prospects to see that you know your stuff!



  1. Consideration

This is when a prospect considers using your services. At this stage, using things like company videos or product videos work well.

A good company video will portray aspects like what the culture is like in your agency, showing your audience what you’re all about. After all, recruitment is all about people, so we need to show ourselves and our agency off. Video is most effective when it links people to an organisation – something which becomes even more important in recruitment!

‘Product videos’ in an agency can seem like a tough thing to do, with how broad your service offering is. For this, you could try getting your employees to showcase the work they do in short 30-60 second snippets.

Both of these approaches can be made very easily, but can be one of the most effective forms of video in your strategy! People buy from people, so start showing off a bit of personality. By doing this you're letting your prospects learn about your agency on their own terms, without any pushy sales techniques.

  1. Conversion

To give your prospects the final push to convert, testimonial videos can be one of the most effective forms of video that you can use. Your own thought leadership will get you so far, but our prospects are much more likely to trust the reviews of others before they commit.

Whether these are in interview format or you have a candidate or client only in the video, both work really well. Testimonials allow you to gain ultimately credibility and build trust in your brand and service – even more so when it’s in video format! A quick 60 second video with any candidates or clients that you have a particularly positive relationship with will soon become one of your go-to tools to help convert your prospects.

  1. Retention

Of course, an important part of any sales strategy is retaining your current clients, and video can help you to achieve this. Keep providing them with thought leadership and useful content to add value to the relationship. You could even throw in a few thank you videos!

The key here is to not go quiet. As long as you keep adding value through a variety of video types, you’ll have a good head start with client retention. You could even consider asking these clients if they want to get involved in contributing to any videos themselves (such as testimonials or expert interviews), showing that you value their custom as well as their expertise.


Understanding the action that you want your prospects to take after viewing your video is key to structuring your content, which is why it’s important to know what will help at each stage of the funnel. We dive into a lot more detail about the different types of video you can use, as well as the benefits of each, in our handy e-book! Not only that, but it’s filled with top tips on how you can implement your own video marketing strategy without the hefty price tag - you can download it for free here.

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