How work discovery week is engaging young people with business

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How work discovery week is engaging young people with business

Work Discovery Week is Sunderland’s annual work experience event that’s become a national blueprint on how to engage young people with business, and how to encourage them to gain the skills to improve their employability.

Encouraging students to embark on STEM based careers

This year more than 1000 young people from schools and colleges across the city were able to take part in a range of challenges, activities, workshops and lectures, kicking off at the Stadium of Light. Events ranged from constructing a racing car, controlling robots to brick laying and welding demonstrations. Intended to be fun and engaging, there was also a serious message in showcasing the diversity of jobs available across a range of sectors, and particularly the opportunities available in STEM based careers.

Coaching interview skills

Drawing on some of our experience working with numerous organisations, especially with early stage and graduate schemes, we were able to organise interactive mock interviews to give students experience of a realistic interview process.

This ability to replicate real interviews, quickly provide personalised feedback, and for the students to watch back their interview and have the opportunity for self-reflection is invaluable. Whilst we know that the interview process can be nerve racking, it is also an area of modern life that we can’t escape. We hope that the opportunity to develop presentation skills and build confidence will have a long lasting positive effect for the students we were lucky enough to engage with on the day.

Can you help?

If you would like to get involved in our outreach work with schools and colleges, please contact We would love to hear from like minded employers who would be willing to give something back, for example helping to provide feedback or spending a few minutes to record a short ‘day in the life’ video, helping students to make informed career decisions.

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