How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is basically a recruiters utopia – there’s a clear reason that 87% of recruiters use it as a sourcing tool. It’s not just useful for recruiters, though – it’s the go-to platform for many others, such as B2B marketers, or people looking to learn from market leaders.

Recruiters are always on the lookout for new talent, and LinkedIn gives access to millions of passive job seekers for targeting. 92% of recruiters are said to look at a candidates social media profiles, so where else would recruiters go other than the largest professional social networking platform?

Recruiters will use a mix of functions on LinkedIn to source candidates, which includes things such as paid advertising, keyword-based searches, through to direct InMail. But, when the platform has 260 million active users a month, it can be really competitive and difficult to truly get your profile noticed by people you actually want to notice it.


Your Digital CV

All in all, LinkedIn is a wonderful tool that can do great things for your career if you use it right. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a digital CV which has the potential to reach a lot of people on the platform. So ideally, your LinkedIn profile should be treated the same as your CV or an application form – if you wouldn’t send it off directly to an employer, you probably need to update it.

You should be using your LinkedIn profile to establish why you’re great at what you do. If you have expertise about a certain topic, write some articles through LinkedIn’s own publish platform – they’ll sit on a section on your profile for everyone to see. You should be posting status updates and engaging with your connections, if you really want to get noticed. It’s essentially a platform for building your ‘employee brand’, so recruiters can know which employer brand you’re likely to fit.

But of course, some of these things may seem useless if you’re missing the key building blocks of your LinkedIn profile. CV Nation have put together a useful infographic to walk you through the ten main steps you should follow to make yourself more visible and appealing to recruiters with the right roles in the right industry.

From the basics of your profile preview, through to profile settings and choosing the right keywords, here’s what you should be doing:

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