How to Get Management Buy-In for Video Interviewing Software

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How to Get Management Buy-In for Video Interviewing Software

As a recruitment manager, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of recruitment technology, you’ll often be ‘bought in’ way before your Board of Directors is even aware of a technology that could be transforming the business.

You’ll be ready to go, you’ll have had your demos, possibly even a trial, yet when it comes to sign off, you may need to start all over again.

When it comes to getting management buy in for video interviewing, there are solid facts and stats that will help your case as well as some added benefits you may have not even considered yourself!

This blog will run through the top line benefits, so that you can speed-up sign off and get started!

Time Saving

You’ll have first-hand experience of the more traditional forms of interviewing candidates and the amount of time spent during first stage telephone interviews, followed by assessment centres in some cases.  Having so many processes often drags out the length of time it takes to make a hire. Video interviewing has proven to cut the time to hire by up to 70% in most cases. This equates to more time freed up within the HR/Recruitment team and less reliance on manual intervention.

It also means that recruitment time doesn’t eat into too much of your Hiring Managers’ days, meaning they can get on with their day jobs and then simply browse through short-listed video interviews in one batch – rather than sporadic phone and face to face interviews with candidates throughout their week.


Cost Saving

Recruiting new staff can be an expensive business, especially when it comes to travel.  Video Interviewing can cut travel related costs by as much as 65%. We have one client who used to spend time travelling around the country to conduct first stage interviews –the time he’s gained back since using video interviews has been invaluable to himself and his company’s bottom line.  In fact, out of those candidates successful at first stage video interviewing around 90% are usually selected for the role.

The accessibility of video interviewing also opens the door to interviewing high quality candidates in other cities and even other countries too.

Quality of Hire

Video interviewing removes some of the barriers that could otherwise stand between your company and making quality hires. Quality hires = quality products and services.

Quality candidates may not always be looking for roles and sometimes the last thing they want to do is take time out of their busy days to attend speculative interviews, however submitting a video interview, conducted at a time and place to suit them, could turn a passive candidate into a placement.

Improved retention levels

Top global brands are getting on board with using video interviewing software to help with their search for the best talent and many are using the opportunity to showcase their employer brand through videos and supporting information within the platform too. All of this helps with ensuring not only the quality of hire is good but retention levels also improve.  You’re more likely to get the right fit in the first place for a longer-term hire which can be particularly important in fast moving sectors such as retail and tourism.

Getting senior management to give the go ahead to making changes in the company can be tough but with video interviewing software, the benefits for saving time, money and making great hires can make a phenomenal impact on your company’s success.

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