Video interviewing for executive recruitment

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Video interviewing for executive recruitment

Any new hire is important to a business – after all, an organisation is only as good as the people in it.

But hiring at a very senior or executive level can be even more crucial, and that makes the recruitment process for those people even more daunting.

We know that recruiting at an executive level is a different beast to finding a new intern or junior position, but we believe that online video interview software like ours can make recruiting quality candidates much more effective, whatever level they’re at.

Here’s some advantages to using video interviewing for recruiting at an executive level:

It makes the interview process easy for them

The biggest benefit of video interviewing, for any candidate, is how much easier it makes the process for them.

Chances are, your executive level candidate is working around a high pressured current role during their job search, and already balancing their work and home life. By using online video interview software like Shine in the early stages of recruitment, you allow the candidate to conduct their recording in a time and place that’s suitable for them.

This shows sensitivity and respect for how valuable your candidate’s time is, and gives them an overall positive impression.


It helps you find out more about them

Winning over a senior level candidate that you really want for your role is hard, and the best way to tackle it is by finding out as much about them and their career goals as possible, and showing how your company can help the candidate to achieve them.

By using video interviews in the early stages of your recruitment process, you can set specifically designed questions to understand their motives for looking for a new job, what they really want from their next career move (is it a better location? Salary? A challenge to sink their teeth into?), and from there you can shortlist your candidates more easily based on whether you can offer them what they want.

This will also help you in future meetings and face-to-face interviews, as you’re able to talk to the candidate on a more personal level about why they should choose to work for you.

It lets you present your case

One of the features of video interview software like ours is that you’re able to add your own recruitment video, which candidates can watch before they record their interview to gain a clearer understanding of your business and culture.

Because executive level candidates are looking for something different to more junior level ones, you can create bespoke videos for each role outlining exactly what you need, what you hope the candidate can offer you, and what you can do for them, all in a visual way that boosts your employer brand.

It lets the whole team make a decision

Executive level hires are some of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make, which is why you need to make sure you choose the right candidate.

The accessibility of video interview software like Shine means that everyone who needs to see a candidate’s recording, whether it’s the HR team or the current executives, can do so without needing to be present at the interview. This saves their valuable time, but allows everyone to evaluate the candidates in a more effective way, hopefully leading to a better hiring decision.


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