Video Interviewing and Pre-Hire Screening

Shine is video interviewing and pre-hire screening software made easy.

Built in the cloud, with your recruitment process at the heard of it.

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When comparing video interview providers, consider aspects such as branding,  customisation, candidate experience and engagement.

Beyond that, the platform as a whole will differ between competitors. At Shine, we offer on demand video interviewing, live video interviewing, assessments and scheduling. We’re built on an open API, so we can also integrate with ATS vendors!

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the biggest buzzword in recruitment at the moment. But in reality, it’s not always suitable for everyone. 

There is always mixed reviews regarding AI powered assessments, and still a lot of scepticism regarding its reliability – often ending in overpaying for an underutilised software solution,

Values Fit

We like to take a different approach to assessments here at Shine. We believe in hiring for values fit. 

Our platform allows you to benchmark the values of your team and assess your candidates against these. We can even help you identify pain points through a detailed culture profile of your organisation, and even facilitate culture transformation.

The Costs

It can be difficult to compare providers on cost when most don’t publish their prices online. What we do know, based on client feedback, is that Shine offers a very quick return on investment – with no hidden costs for set up and training.

Here at Shine, our annual subscriptions start at £1,800. Above that, we tailor a bespoke package to suit any recruitment needs, from the smallest to largest of organisations.


The majority of  video interview providers rely on Adobe Flash Player when the platform is being used from a browser. Flash poses so many security risks to its users that as of 2020, it will no longer be supported.

Here at Shine, our platform is built from the ground up using HTML5. We don’t require any additional plugins and it’s extremely secure, giving you the most reliable experience.

One-Way Video Interviewing

Live Video Interviewing

Values Based Recruitment

Interview and Event Scheduling

Georgina Scott,
Technology Academy Manager

“Having successfully partnered with Shine on our Tech Academy Recruitment campaign last year, we are looking forward to working together again on our 2020 campaign. Both candidates and our internal hiring managers comments on how intuitive and user friendly the platform is to use. This resulted in an 86% competition rate which meant we were able to close the applications early and ensure we filled our assessment days with the highest quality candidates.”

Scott Barnes,
UK Recruitment Manager

“Gestamp decided to implement the Shine Video Interviewing platform to conduct interviews in the UK and worldwide, recruiting for a wide variety of roles and the interviews are completed on a PC or through a mobile app at a time that suits the candidate. During the time we have worked with Shine, we have conducted hundreds of video interviews, and made many job offers to candidates who did well at the video interview stage. Our Hiring Managers in particular love the video interviewing concept as it saves them so much time. It’s also a great experience for the candidate as they don’t have to take time off work twice, travel twice, or incur expenses twice. It’s a great system all round that we have embraced with great enthusiasm.”

Melissa Parlour,
Senior Recruitment Advisor

“Using Shine has really helped to reduce the time we spend on reviewing CVs and candidate screening calls. Our Hiring Managers really benefit from hearing the candidates describe their experience and desire to work for Matalan first-hand and we’ve also found that attendance at assessment centres has increased, as candidates are more engaged and invested in the role once they’ve completed a video interview for us.”

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