Don’t underestimate company research!

Don’t underestimate company research!

Preparing for an interview can be daunting, we know – but there are some key things you can do to help yourself feel more prepared, and ready to win your dream role.

The biggest thing that anyone will tell you to do before an interview is research the company that you’re interviewing for. Everyone knows it, but how many candidates really do it properly?

From our experience in providing companies with the tools they need to hire the best talent, we know that nobody should underestimate the importance of researching your role before your big interview.

So, to aid you in your preparations, here’s some key questions you should be able to answer about the company you’re applying to work for…

What are the basics you need to know?

The first thing anyone preparing for an interview should do is check the company’s website to find out core information like what their product/service is, how big they are, where they’re located, etc.

You don’t want to end up asking a question in the interview that you could have found the answer to from their website – this tells the interviewer straight away that you haven’t done your research.


What’s affecting the market?

Something that is sure to impress any interviewer is if you have a clear understanding of not just the company you’re applying for, but the market they’re in and their position in it.

Look up industry trends, developments, and any current affairs stories that might affect them – the more context you have, the better you can develop your answers.

What are their strengths?

If you are able to articulate how the company you’re applying for differentiates itself from its competitors, it’s a great way of showing you know your stuff.

Using their website, or any other source of information, try and figure out what their USP is, what makes them stand out from the crowd and what their biggest focuses are. Looking at their values or mission statement is always a great way to do this, and helps you align your answers with what they’re looking for from their employees.

How do they portray themselves on social media?

A company’s digital presence is often a good indicator for the kind of organisation it is, and what it expects from its employees. Take a look at their Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts – what’s the tone of voice like? How do they respond to customer interactions? Do they give off a more informal personality, or are they shown to be professional at all times? The voice they choose to represent themselves online can be a great insight into the kind of culture and attitude they look for in new recruits.

Seeking out their LinkedIn company page should also be a priority, as this is a clear display of the kind of content they share to a professional community. Find out what they’re talking about, any recent news or awards they’ve won that you can mention – and, while you’re at it, if you know who is going to actually be interviewing you, check out their profile too. It will tell you a lot about their history at the company, and provide you with good information to ask some insightful questions about their role.

That might seem like a lot to take in, but taking the time to look into this stuff will be invaluable in your interview. You need to convince the interviewer that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about the company and your place in it, and there’s really no better way to show that than really knowing what you’re talking about.

Best of luck in your upcoming interview! Everyone here at Shine is rooting for you…

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