Shine vs Teams: 5 reasons why our video interviewing software is a better option for your recruitment needs

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Shine vs Teams: 5 reasons why our video interviewing software is a better option for your recruitment needs

As video interviewing continues its relentless march, there is the ever-growing concern as to which software is the answer to recruiters’ needs. This post pays attention to popular software, Microsoft Teams, and assesses how it stacks up against Shine Interview in the video interviewing space.

Microsoft Teams works great for video conferencing because it boasts a robust suite of tools and in the business ecosystem, features far more than its competitors. However, it’s not so suitable for the demands of video interviewing.

Keep reading to find out how.

  1. Scheduling and the chance for improved performances

Without mincing words, Microsoft Teams suffers the downside that is characteristic of multiple video conferencing platforms. It is disruptive to the users’ schedule and can prove to be quite inconvenient.

This is because the participants are duty-bound to agree to a specific time and mark the time on their calendar for the interviewing process. In the event that the participants are in time zones that are significantly apart, you may find some participating during odd hours.

Here, we see two issues that Shine Interview simply deals with. Firstly, using Microsoft Teams can be quite disruptive. Also, since the interview is strictly live, the candidate might be nervous at the first instance and not perform optimally. First impressions often stick.

Shine Interview deals with these two concerns with one blow.

While our software sports the option for a live, two-way interview, Shine’s Scheduler and one-way option are there to deal with the issue of scheduling. At their own time, candidates can answer the pre-recorded questions and submit them. This saves the interviewer the stress of conducting countless interviews and having to readjust his schedule.

Additionally, if the interviewee is not satisfied with their performance, they can view and re-record another. They can confidently submit their best effort.


  1. Branding

The hiring and recruiting process sometimes seems to place the burden of making a good impression on the candidates. However, brands too have the obligation to make a lasting impression on interviewees.

Branding is a must-have if you want to ignite a spark in your candidates. The changing attitude of the talent pool today makes it imperative for corporations to spice up their recruitment process with some elements of marketing.

Candidate experience is a major influencer when candidates decide whether or not to work with a company.

Microsoft Teams doesn’t seem to support branding aspirations. Every session features general themes and layouts that can be used by just anyone. There’s no room for introductory videos that intimate the interviewee on your company’s core values and what you stand for.

Thankfully, Shine Interview is here to aid your branding ambitions. Our video introduction tool makes it possible for recruiters, interviewers, and brands generally to add introductory videos that candidates will watch before answering their questions.

What’s more? Our software rocks a feature that allows you to add your logo and colour scheme. As insignificant as they might seem, these traits boost personalization. They identify your commitment to distinction.

  1. Impartiality and elimination of bias

We can’t overemphasize the fact that every hiring and recruiting process has the dangers of conscious and unconscious bias lying in wait. A hiring and recruiting process that is not mindful of these pitfalls is bound to be ultimately unsuccessful.

Shine Interview is miles ahead of Microsoft teams when it comes to the elimination of bias, and ensuring structured interviews.

Our video interview ensures that candidates are asked the same set of questions in a consistent manner. We prioritize equal treatment of every single candidate, eliminating the possibility of favour or disfavour. Since there are recordings of each candidate’s interview stored in compliance with regulations, blind reviews can be conducted.

Shine Interview boasts some other features that support neutrality in recruitment, such as:

Does Microsoft Teams make for a structured interview process and impartiality? Simply put, no. At its best, it’s just another video conferencing software that isn’t wired to meet the demands of the hiring and recruitment process.

  1. Ease of use

Thanks to its handiness, Shine Interview one-ups Microsoft Teams yet again.

Microsoft Teams presents an array of offers to its users. It offers chats, video conferencing, phone calls, and a variety of collaboration features. But it presents them all in a unified dashboard.

The lack of proper compartmentalization can make it quite difficult for new users to deal with. The user interface can prove intimidating to an untrained eye.

Our interviewing software, Shine Interview, on the other hand, is a breeze to use. With an attractive and easily navigable interface, interviewers, recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates don’t have to tear out their hair to get the hang of it.

Additionally, we’re totally committed to ensuring that our users have the smoothest of experiences. We’ve made available guides and help portals that help out users in the event that they get stuck at any stage.

  1. Collaborative hiring

In the aspect of collaborative hiring, Shine Interview also proves to be better than Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool, no doubt. There can be on-the-platform communication, sharing of documents, and more. But is its collaborative function and feature geared to support hiring and recruitment optimally?

Not at all.

Shine proves to be better because, firstly, interviews are recorded and stored. These recordings can be viewed by every member of the hiring team, who can then make their opinions known. The said opinions will be there for other members of the team to see.

Some of Shine’s other fantastic collaborative features include:

These features make for a smooth hiring process and a well-rounded hiring decision examined from multiple angles and by people with varying perspectives. You can expect an excellent hire.

Shine Interview has been going on strong without any hiccup in its processes to date while effortlessly serving the needs of the recruitment space.

In closing, it’s worth a mention yet again that Microsoft Teams is a really powerful video conferencing and internal collaboration tool in its own respect. However, considering its build, features, and capacity, it’s a far cry from what the interviewing and recruiting industry needs in a specialized tool.

To get an actual feel of what Shine Interview has to offer, request a demo now!

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