Shine vs Zoom: 8 reasons why our video interviewing software is a better option for your recruitment needs

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Shine vs Zoom: 8 reasons why our video interviewing software is a better option for your recruitment needs

The pandemic has borne witness to remote work and remote interviewing as well. Undoubtedly, for video conferencing, Zoom has become a household name. However, it doesn’t serve all needs. When it comes to recruitment and remote interviewing, Zoom is lacking in many ways. Our proprietary video interviewing software, Shine Interview, trumps it on all fronts.

This post discusses why Shine Interview is the better bet for video interviewing when compared to Zoom.

Read on to find out why.

shine better than zoom for recruitment and video interviewing

  1. Security and compliance

Data is life. Security is the watchword whenever data is involved.

Shine Interview prioritizes security because the software saves recordings of interviews. These recordings are considered personal data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) because they relate to people.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, our platform upholds certain principles when dealing with users’ data. Also, encryption makes it an impossibility for unwanted persons to find their way in. As your data processor, you can rest easy that this part of your process is GDPR compliant, and unlike Zoom, all data remains in the UK.

  1. Process and Impartiality

The bitter truth about the hiring and recruitment process is that it is fraught with the risks of bias. Actually, unconscious bias is a greater threat due to its subtlety.

Using Zoom for interviews can bring these risks to the fore because the platform sports no feature that can actively combat impartiality.

On the other hand, Shine Interview is laced with multiple features that ensure that all candidates are treated equally. Firstly, it ensures that a strict process of interviewing and hiring is followed, with candidates asked the same questions in a consistent manner. Reviews can be performed blind if required, and additional functionality includes storing comments, ratings and a full audit trail per hiring manager.

Recordings of the interviews are stored in Shine’s database in compliance with the relevant regulations. The hiring team can always refer to the recordings if they suspect foul play or a candidate challenges the process.

  1. Branding

If a company is serious about a winning hiring and recruitment process, branding is a crucial element that must be taken into consideration.

Using Zoom for interviewing hardly leaves much of an impact because it lacks the element of branding. There is hardly any attractive indicator of the interviewer’s corporation. Also, there’s little to no form of personalization.

Shine Interview fires on all cylinders when it comes to candidate experience.

Shine’s video introduction tool allows interviewers and recruiters to record brief videos of themselves. This tactic helps with branding efforts and it gives the interviewees the impression that the video is tailored specifically for them.

Branding with your own (or your client’s) logo and colour scheme boost candidate experience during the hiring process, and candidate experience has been found to significantly influence candidates’ decisions to work at a company.

  1. User guides and real-time support

Many businesses made a quick switch to remote work with the coming of the pandemic. The concept of remote interviewing is entirely new to many hiring managers. The same is the case for many candidates.

If Zoom is your choice for interviewing and recruitment, then you might have to grope about in the dark for quite a bit before you get the hang of it -totally unnecessary with Shine. You just might conduct multiple Google and YouTube searches for a start.

Shine Interview eliminates the need to figure it out on your own. With a section of our site dedicated to countless guides that answer every possible question a user might have, you are in safe hands!

What’s more? Our help portal and round-the-clock support are available to clients, company staff, and candidates alike.

  1. Bandwidth requirements

Another aspect in which Shine Interview can outperform Zoom for recruitment is with regard to the bandwidth requirements to use the platform.

Zoom has various Internet speed demands depending on what specific service you’re using, and the number of participants. Needless to say, the transmission of video and audio data is a data-intensive activity. So, without a solid Internet connection, the interview experience will be unimpressive.

If one participant is in a rural area where Internet connections are unstable, then be prepared for challenges.

This subtly highlights two things: poor candidate experience and the lack of inclusivity. The hiring process needs to be accessible, in every sense.

As with all live video calling/conferencing platforms, the strength of a participant's internet connection will govern the quality of the stream. But where poor connection strengths can stop a Zoom interview in its tracks, Shine offers an alternative approach.

With our one-way interviews, questions are loaded one by one. Then candidates record their responses which are automatically uploaded in the background. The regular Internet speed sufficient for surfing gets this done. If the Internet drops, nothing is lost. When it comes back up, the uploading process resumes.

The interviewer can review candidates’ responses on the platform at their liberty. Don’t fret about huge data requirements.

  1. Convenience and scheduling

Much like in-person interviews, Zoom can be somewhat disruptive to everyone’s schedule.

This is because it demands that all participants block a time on their calendar. Quite frankly, the only significant advantage that Zoom has over in-person interviews is that the interview can be held virtually.

The interviewee and the interviewer could have packed schedules. If they are in different time zones, then that makes it all the worse.

However, with Shine, you don’t have to worry about making tweaks to your calendar. Thanks to our one-way video interviews and our proprietary Scheduler, interviewers can effortlessly move their candidates through the recruitment funnel. The self-scheduling feature sets productivity at an all-time high, and brings conflicting schedules to a stop, as candidates can pick suitable times.

Of course, when it’s time to talk live to a candidate, we can facilitate that as well.

  1. Collaborative hiring

Shine Interview excels beyond imagination at collaborative hiring. It makes internal communications an absolute joy because the interviews are effectively recorded.

Every member of the hiring team can view the recordings and share their thoughts. The feedback will be noted by other members as well. This seamless transfer of insight within the platform helps the team make enhanced hiring decisions that are not based on the judgement of one person.

A key feature is the ability to customise the workflow, set tasks for hiring managers and of course, dashboards where videos are linked to both the candidate and role.

It so happens that Zoom cannot boast this feature and capacity. Even if there is a panel of interviewers the collaboration will be done off the platform, via emails or phone calls probably.

  1. Service Level Agreements

Shine Interview is enterprise-grade software, used for recruitment in over 85 countries for high-profile campaigns and clients and has SLAs and bulletproof reliability to back this up; Zoom has become ubiquitous but has still experienced global outages and downtime.

Long story short, Zoom is excellent software in the video conferencing field but, as far as recruitment and video interviewing is concerned, Shine Interview is the way to go. Are you making your first foray into video interviewing? Do you want to try out the Shine Interview software? You’re welcome to request a demo!

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