A Recruiter’s Utopia

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A Recruiter’s Utopia


Time; you want, need more of it. Time is money; your company wants and needs more of that too. So how do you, as recruitment professionals, balance the often disparate demands on your time from your execs, your candidates, hiring managers, social media, the multiple systems coming out of your ears, diary alerts pinging every time you attempt to sip your well-needed coffee?

Take a moment – imagine a world (a utopia, even) where you have a full-cycle system in front of you. You create your job requirements at the beginning and, abracadabra, a clever bit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation jets off into the digital world; finds perfect matches and seduces them with your employer brand material; it automatically screens, tests and video interviews your now applicants and within a few sips of coffee (ok, maybe a bit longer than that), you have a list of qualified and assessed candidates ready to discuss with your hiring managers and to bring in for final interview.

What would you do with all of that extra time? Not just drink coffee, that’s for sure.

Automation, if not quite AI, is already in full swing within the industry and if you’re not making full use of it already, we highly recommend you introduce it – don’t be afraid, it is very unlikely to remove the need for humans in the recruitment team but your job doesn’t always have to resemble a scene from the tazmanian devil cartoons. Removing the churn of transactional activities will elevate you to a more strategic way of working; a smarter way.


Does the fear of introducing a new technological process / system into yours and your CTO’s workload prevent you from even attempting to try? It shouldn’t. Not everything is as complex as you fear. Take video interviewing, for example. Proven to reduce time and provide qualified candidates, it must surely be a huge, complex piece of work to fit into your current systems and also represent the employer brand you’ve worked so hard to build? No, is the fast answer.

Here at Shine, one of our key aims was to not be a headache for people like you. Cloud based and account-managed, there is nothing to install, and if you want to connect to an existing system, we are ‘plug and play’; you simply need a key to pass to your Tech Team.

Straight-forward integration isn’t the only thing – we’ve added in automation for you too; we can remind candidates with text message, send you reports and notifications when things are done and pass data direct to your ATS, to name just a few.

You probably wouldn’t be in this industry if you wanted an easy life – working in recruitment is one of the most challenging and rewarding places to be! But you deserve more than spending hours ticking boxes and repeating the same thing on telephone interview after telephone interview. Let us do the donkey work for you.

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