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The importance of candidate screening

When companies post their job offers, they’re usually flooded with applications from candidates. It might not be practical for them to interview every candidate who submitted their job application. At […]

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How to reject a candidate after the interview

Every recruiter will have to reject a candidate after an interview someday. The human resource space takes into consideration emotions and other human elements in the world of business. Nothing […]

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4 ways to grow your recruitment agency with video

Recruitment agencies much like every other type of business need to be scaled up. They need greater promotion, better branding, improvement of the workforce in terms of number and quality […]

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How to use video in recruitment and other areas of business development

I’m ready to spend a ton of money to set up this business, and then watch it diminish to nothingness.” These words have been said by absolutely no one ever! […]

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How to build your brand with video

Studies reveal that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand that they support, while 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. This simply […]

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8 Tips to Film Yourself Like a Professional

Videos are the rave of the moment today. Whether you want to share knowledge with your target audience, build brand awareness, entertain your audience or achieve any other marketing goal, […]

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As common with many employer in 2020 the Royal Navy moved away from traditional ‘face to face’ recruitment methods and introduced a number of virtual processes to maintain the inflow […]

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Shine Go Feature Update June 2022

In early June we are planning a product update to Shine Go. During the release, the platform will be temporarily unavailable for a short period of time, however, this will […]

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9 Practices to Create Great Recruitment Videos

The recruitment ecosystem has advanced beyond the times of slapping up a job posting and expecting candidates to beat down your door. The talent war rages on, so it behoves […]

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Top 5 recruitment challenges to tackle in 2023

For some years now, the recruitment industry has been subject to multiple changes and issues. With 2023 marking another year of advancement in the recruitment sector, it can be said […]

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How will recruiters continue to adapt in 2023?

2023 marks another year in which recruiters have to deal with oddities in the labour market. Resignation is at an all-time high while the talent pool in multiple industries grows […]

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6 tips on how recruitment agencies can maintain a positive candidate experience while recruiting remotely

Candidate experience refers to candidates’ perception of your entire recruiting and hiring process. Providing a positive candidate experience matters greatly to recruitment agencies because: It boosts the chances of reapplication […]

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How To Combat a Candidate Shortage: The Recruitment Consultant’s Handbook

Candidate shortage, in very simple terms, is the insufficiency of candidates to fill job vacancies in the labour market. As a matter of fact, it’s a major source of disquiet […]

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