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The Employee Benefits that Actually Build a Productive Culture

Trends in the workplace have been shifting a lot over the past couple of years, especially when it comes to employee benefits. It’s no secret that organisations are trying to […]

5 minutes | Chris Witthoft

How to Successfully Implement a Video Interviewing Strategy

Implementing changes into a process and shaking up the norm can be daunting sometimes. It’s not always quick and simple to get everyone on board – but with all the […]

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Moving On Up (Two Floors!)

We’re happy to announce that here at Shine, we’ve moved into a new office space that boasts more than double the size where we were previously. Okay, so we haven’t […]

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Signs Your Recruitment Process Needs Video Interviewing

There are a number of reasons to implement video interviewing into the recruitment process. But there are a few situations where it can come in even more useful than it […]

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Discrediting the Common Video Interviewing Myths

Video interviewing has been around for some time now, and it continues to grow in popularity. As more and more organisations are looking to use video interviewing in their recruitment […]

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Shine Interview Appoints Joe Slavin as Non-Executive Director and Chairman

Video interviewing and pre-hire screening software provider, Shine Interview, are pleased to announce that Joe Slavin has been appointed to the board as Non-Executive Director and Chairman as of June […]

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Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee engagement is something we should always be looking to improve. It’s proven to have a direct link to strong business performance when a workforce is more engaged, and it’s […]

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Tackling Gender Bias in Job Descriptions

A lot of the talk surrounding unconscious bias focuses on the way we make judgements and form opinions about people based on preferences we may not know we have, or […]

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Transforming a Toxic Workplace Culture

We’ve discussed the tell-tale signs of a toxic workplace culture before here at Shine. From low morale and poor communication, to office politics and a lack of trust – toxic […]

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Incorporating Soft Skills in the Hiring Process

Hard skills have long been seen as the criteria needed for a person to succeed in a role. Sure, hard skills are undeniably important, especially in positions such as technical […]

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Why You Should Be Heading to In House Recruitment Live!

We’re excited to announce that on 9th May 2019, we’ll be exhibiting at In House Recruitment Live! Some of the fantastic team here at Shine will be exhibiting at the […]

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Personality vs Values: Which is the Best Hiring Measure?

Personality tests are often used as part of recruitment processes to assess candidates – so they can find the ‘right candidate’ for the role. These come in the form of […]

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