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Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

 If there is one lesson to be taken away from 2018 in the world of recruitment, it’s that candidates are gaining more and more power in their job search. From […]

6 minutes | Chris Witthoft

The 12 Recruitment Tips of Christmas

Getting in the festive Spirit here at Shine, we’ve decided to give you the best 12 recruitment tips to help you out over the Christmas period and give you goals […]

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The 7 Sins of Seasonal Recruitment

For many companies the winter period can be a busy one, so they choose to recruit a number of seasonal employees to keep up with the festive rush. But even […]

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The Types of Unconscious Bias We Need to Address

We’ve all heard of unconscious bias, but how many of us know the ins and outs of what prejudices that we act on daily? Without realising, our attitudes towards other […]

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Changing Perceptions on Contact Centres and Manufacturing

22 local businesses gathered for a unique twist on a traditional jobs fair to help support the young people who participate in the Newcastle United Foundation employability programmes. The event […]

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Improving Employee Retention in the Workplace

So, you’ve found the talent you’ve been looking for that can make a big difference in your organisation – but what are you going to do to keep them from […]

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Recruitment Strategies for Improving Employee Retention

From searching for the right candidates to employee onboarding, it can take a lot of effort, time and money to find the best people who have a real cultural fit […]

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How to Recruit Top University Graduates into Your Organisation

The Key to Success for Attracting Graduates Many employers are choosing to hire graduates for a number of reasons; they’re keen to learn and progress, they will take a lower […]

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Why do sales professionals make good recruiters?

Recruiting is about matching candidates to jobs; whether its landing candidates their dream jobs or finding ‘unfindable’ talent for employers. All recruiters find themselves in the game of sales – […]

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Meet the team: Laura Anderson, Client Success Manager

I have worked within Account Management for software organisations for the past 10 years and would like to think of myself as seasoned within this remit. I have had the […]

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Learn More About Branding, Automation and AI at IHRE18 Summit

Speak to any experienced in-house recruiter and they will tell you how hard it is to find the talent they need. For some it might be because they are recruiting […]

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Eliminating candidate no-shows

Candidates have the power – they are no longer willing to wait for interviews, many are simultaneously interviewing at multiple employers. If they get hired somewhere else, they cancel your […]

1 minutes |

How work discovery week is engaging young people with business

Work Discovery Week is Sunderland’s annual work experience event that’s become a national blueprint on how to engage young people with business, and how to encourage them to gain the […]

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