Eliminating candidate no-shows

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Eliminating candidate no-shows

Candidates have the power – they are no longer willing to wait for interviews, many are simultaneously interviewing at multiple employers. If they get hired somewhere else, they cancel your interview – well, sometimes. Quite often, you won’t know about it until they don’t arrive for your interview. Frustrating, right? Not to mention costly and leaves you, the recruiter, being asked questions from higher up.

The best way to prevent no-shows is to truly invest time in building rapport with a candidate, selling the job opportunity to them, and gaining a firm buy-in regarding their interest in working at the company.

But there is another way…Video interviewing!

Below is a list of reasons we have pulled together of why potential candidates become no shows, and how video interviewing eliminates each one.


There are always going to be a certain amount of genuine reasons which the candidate can not control which would mean they can not attend an interview and the result of this is that the recruiters are left with a bad impression of the candidate who needs to cancel or reschedule. However, it’s important to not forget that this goes for recruiters too. Candidates will be left feeling disappointed and their interest in the position may take a down-turn.

With  video interviewing, there is no need to reschedule. Candidates will be assigned a deadline and need to complete at a time which is convenient to them; their response is there for recruiters to review when possible.

This ability for the company to be flexible is often what will stick in the candidates mind when looking back on their recruitment journey.


Lack of time

The more applicants you’re faced with, the longer it takes to schedule interviews and get your recruitment plan in motion. Time really is key with recruitment drives, especially for graduate recruitment and such like; interest can fade fast if the candidates feel there are too many hoops to jump through and it takes too long to receive that all important final ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Candidates will undoubtedly be meeting with other companies and could lose interest if they find a faster-moving process elsewhere.

With video interviewing, candidates don’t have to wait around as long to be invited to interview and the decision to invite is achieved in seconds by sending out the invite by email. Both candidates and recruiters are kept happy as they are able to move forward at a greater speed in all aspects of the process.

Imperfect match

Maybe the most simplest explanation for candidates not turning up to their interview is that they’re just not interested in the role. This makes recruitment more complex when time has been set aside to conduct an interview, only to be wasted when the candidate does not attend. Making time for candidates such as these becomes a frustratingly costly mistake. Your time is precious too and this is time that you have spent on a wrong candidate that could have been spent elsewhere.

If candidates don’t want to make an effort to be part of your recruitment process, then this is a flashing red light from the start. Video interviewing ‘deselection’ allows you to see who is really interested compared to those that say they are but once you invest your time and efforts, you never hear from them again.

There are huge gains that come into play through removing the cost of no-shows with Video Interviewing such as ROI, having a streamlined process and many more.

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