How to Increase Candidate Uptake

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How to Increase Candidate Uptake

How many people do you have applying for roles in your company, on average?

If it’s not as many as you’d like, it may be because some of the candidates who would be great additions to your team aren’t marketed to effectively and, if you’re already using video interviewing within your business, then let’s explore what you could be doing better.

You’re already sold on the great cost and time saving benefits of video interviewing software, so we just need your interviewees to enjoy the buzz too!

It can sometimes be the case that interviewees aren’t familiar with the concept of video interviewing software and don’t realise the benefits of applying this way. If this is the case for your business, here’s how you can encourage more candidates to send video interviews for your next recruitment drive.


Play up the benefits in your job adverts

If candidates are not already sold on the idea of applying for a role via video, you need to find a way to make it more attractive to them. Ideally, they have to be “sold” on submitting video applications beforehand and know the benefits compared to the more traditional ways to apply and interview for jobs.

This can be as easy as looking at what you say in your job adverts so that candidates can see why you’re using video interviewing and how it will work well for them too.

The Internet’s an integral part of our lives nowadays, it makes sense to take advantage of the connection that a lot of candidates will have to their smartphone and incorporate this into your recruitment messages.

If they can see straight away how easy and convenient it is to submit their applications through their smartphones or tablets and at times when it’s convenient for them to do so, they will be more enthusiastic about jumping on board with video interviews.

In a nutshell, you’re aiming to play up some of the key benefits for them so that they get excited about the fact that video interviewing is such an easy way to apply (via the smartphone they’re probably already spending so much time using!) and that it takes away the stress of needing to make a perfect impression at first round interviews.

For example:-

You don’t need to go overboard with this but finding ways to briefly weave some of the benefits of video interviewing into your job adverts takes away a lot of the confusion and unease that candidates may have about using it and helps them to recognise that it’s really in their best interest to apply this way.

Create company culture videos

Another way that you can encourage more quality candidates to apply to your company via video is to use it in your recruitment campaigns.

You can talk about what it’s like to work for your company all day long but it’s much more effective to give candidates a behind-the-scenes look via company culture videos – putting employer branding at the heart of your recruitment drives.

This can make your company a much more attractive proposition for quality candidates and can be a great marketing tool for inspiring them to want to be part of it. And because it’s in video format, it can make them feel more positive about applying via video. They might even get some tips for their interview!

If you’re already using video interviewing but don’t currently feel that you’re getting as many applications as you could through it, look at how you can make the process more attractive to candidates and take away any barriers that may put them off the idea of applying via video.

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