How video interviewing can help when you need to recruit quickly

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How video interviewing can help when you need to recruit quickly

We’d all love to think that our best employees will stay with the company for many years but unfortunately, this won’t always be the case.

There can be various reasons why staff could leave their current position and you won’t always have plenty of advance notice to be able to bring a replacement on board – dependent on their notice period of course. But we all know it is difficult to get a new person in for any handover period.

Circumstances can therefore mean that you’re in a position whereby you need to hire new talent … fast!

When you need to recruit new staff members and you don’t have very long to do it, it’s time to look at your recruitment strategy.

Traditional recruitment methods can take a while to get to the actual hiring stage and this may take more time than you actually have. This is where video interviewing can prove invaluable in helping you to find top talent more quickly and make the recruitment process less stressful and much more streamlined. In fact it video interviewing can reduce your recruitment time down to as much as 70%.


Making screening quicker and simpler

One of the big advantages of using video interviewing for your recruitment is the time that you can save when screening candidates. When you need to hire relatively quickly, you don’t have time to waste, and this means that your recruitment needs to be as streamlined as possible.

Rather than spending countless hours on phone interviews, you can save significant time by introducing video interviewing into your recruitment strategy.

Because candidates can do interviews when it is most convenient for them, there is far less potential for time being wasted if they can’t arrange to be off work on the day you suggest, for example. With video interviewing, they have the ability to record in their lunch break or any other time that works well for them, so there’s no need for either of you to have to work around the other.

The recruitment process can be shortened quite significantly because of this, which is what you need when time is of the essence!

Screening more candidates

Video interviewing also gives you the ability to screen far more candidates than you could realistically get through with telephone or in person interviews.

This is partly because of the convenience of being able to apply at a time that suits them, which can encourage candidates who wouldn’t otherwise look to interview with you.

There is also the benefit of being able to assess more candidates due to the time you’re saving in screening each applicant.

Streamlining your recruitment

As well as making it easier to schedule interviews with candidates more easily than face-to-face and telephone interviews, there is another key way that video interviewing can help when you need to recruit quickly.

This is because video interviewing is a very simple way to gauge whether candidates will be a good fit for your company, which you can’t always tell just from looking at CVs and applications. By pre setting the questions that candidates have to respond to, you can quickly build a good picture of each candidate and if you don’t feel that particular applicants really “sell” themselves at this stage, there’s no obligation to take them any further in the recruitment process. You can make that decision within a swipe of the finger – much quicker than winding down a face to face interview that isn’t going anywhere.

Video interviewing can cut down significantly on the length of time it takes to screen candidates and helps you to assess more applicants so you can push forwards with bringing high quality recruits on board much more quickly. This is perfect for situations in which a quick hire is not just desirable but absolutely essential!

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